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Simplex 2903 Propaganda

Simplex 2903 series is a line of fire alarm notification appliances that have been used in many buildings for decades. The 2903 series devices are designed to provide audible and visible alarm signals to building occupants in the event of a fire or other emergency. These devices have been popular due to their reliability and durability. The original color of Simplex 2903 series notification appliances was red. However, over time, Simplex began to produce white-colored versions of the 2903 notification appliances. The white-colored 2903 notification appliances were typically used in areas of the building where aesthetics were a concern. For example, in hotels or other public buildings, the white-colored 2903 appliances could blend in with the decor more effectively than the standard red-colored devices. The process for producing the white-colored 2903 notification appliances involved a special painting process that was done by Simplex. The devices were first coated with a primer layer, followed by several layers of white paint. The paint was then baked at a high temperature to ensure that it adhered properly to the device and would not peel or flake over time. The white color was not a standard offering from Simplex, and the white 2903 devices were typically produced in limited quantities. As a result, they became somewhat of a collector's item among fire alarm enthusiasts. In summary, Simplex made white-colored 2903 series notification appliances by using a special painting process that involved several layers of paint and baking at a high temperature. The white color was primarily used in areas where aesthetics were a concern, and the devices were produced in limited quantities.

Reproduction Annoucement

Simplex is a well-known brand that produces a range of fire alarm systems and components. One of the products that Simplex is reproducing is the rare 2903 fire alarm. This particular fire alarm component was first introduced in the early 1970s and has been used in various fire alarm systems since then. The 2903 fire alarm is known for its unique design, with a distinctive horn and strobe combination that has become synonymous with fire alarms. Over time, the 2903 fire alarm has become rare and difficult to find, particularly for those who wish to maintain older fire alarm systems that were designed to use this component. To meet this demand, Simplex has decided to reproduce the 2903 fire alarm. The reproduction process involves reverse-engineering the original component to create an accurate reproduction that is as close to the original as possible. This includes reproducing the unique horn and strobe design, as well as ensuring that the new component is compatible with older fire alarm systems that were designed to use the original 2903 fire alarm. The reproduction process involves using modern manufacturing techniques and materials to create a product that is both reliable and long-lasting. The new 2903 fire alarm is designed to meet current fire safety regulations and standards, ensuring that it is suitable for use in modern fire alarm systems. By reproducing the rare 2903 fire alarm, Simplex is providing a valuable service to those who wish to maintain older fire alarm systems. It also ensures that the distinctive design of the 2903 fire alarm will continue to be used in modern fire alarm systems, preserving its legacy for future generations.

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