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How to Login to Meridian 1/CS1000 | How to setup an Analog Central Office Trunk

How to login to the CS1000/Meridian 1 (This page is not complete, some information may not be correct.)

There are multiple ways to login to the CS1000 or Meridian 1 platform PBX's. On the meridian 1 you will need to find an open TTY port, on the option 11/c there is a 9-pin connector towards the bottom of the cabinet that when you connect to it with the appropriate cable, a TTY XX IDLE should show up in your console. On the newer platform of CS1000 you can SSH into the UCM/Signaling Server and then SSH from there into the call server by using the command ssh XX.XX.XX.XX or if you don't know the call server's IP you can type cslogin which will bring you into the cs1000 tty.

Once you are connected you want to hit the key also known as return or enter, You want TTY XX (where XX is the TTY port number) IDLE. Once you get the IDLE message you want to type logi which is a little short for login, it should give you the prompt "USERID?", if on older software it will ask for just the password but you can enter your admin1 or admin2 password there, type your user id which most of the time is admin1 or admin2

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This page was last edited on 07-29-2023